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The must have wine glasses for every horsewoman!

I was lucky enough to receive these stunning custom wine glasses from my mother as a present. They utterly blew me away! Each wine glass in the set has a custom etched horse and message on it. The craftsmanship is unique, custom-tailored, and flawless. It is evident from the quality and craftsmanship that the creator is tremendously passionate about what they do. I asked my mom where she got them, and I was so glad that she looked into it further because the story behind the brand is just as remarkable as the wine glasses.

Jane lives in the U.K. and is a mother to three children, all while maintaining two full-time jobs. She has been engraving glass for years and started her own company Class On Glass. She offers a wide variety of wine glass collections on her website as well as custom sets. Jane is passionate about her work, and it gives her great pride to know that people from all around the world are using the glasses she made. She says, "Everyone has a favorite glass they like to drink from, so why not make it the one you bought them."

In her own words, here is Her Story

"My son Lee was born with a heart condition called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which basically means he has half a heart. When they picked up on his condition, I was given two choices. 1) to have Lee and then take him home for palliative care, where he would live only for a few days and would then pass away, or 2) I would be flown down to Birmingham, where Lee would have the first of three open-heart surgeries, without the surgeries he had no chance of survival.

The doctors were not keen on me going for the surgery; they said the chance of surviving the first surgery is around 40%, and he would be on life long medication. It's good I'm quite stubborn and, for me, it was an easy decision to make. Even if he had a 1% chance, to me, that's still a chance.

I live in South Ayrshire in Scotland, and I had to be flown down to Birmingham in a very small plane so Lee could be born at Birmingham Woman's Hospital. The day after Lee was born, he was transferred to Birmingham Children's Hospital, where he had his first open-heart surgery. He then went on to have another two operations, the second one at five months then the third at five years.

They told me Lee would not live past the age of three. I'm happy to say Lee is now eighteen and doing exceptionally well. He still has half a heart and will be on medication for life. We don't know what the future will hold, but right now all is good, and that's the main thing, we will cross the bridges when they come."


"Back when Lee was born, there was not much information on this heart condition, and Facebook didn't exist, so I couldn't try and find any information on there.

I did, however, stumble across a charity called 'Little Hearts Matter.' This charity came along just at the right time. It was packed full of all the information I was searching for plus so much more. There were parents' stories you could read through, the charity held open day events where all the families could get together, and all the heart children could meet.

Little Hearts Matter has come such a long way from back then. Not only do they have their website, but they have a great Facebook page, where families can interact with each other, sharing their stories or concerns because they are all on the same journey.

The charity also provides booklets throughout the stages of your child's life, and they also provide a support number for any parent that may need it.

Little Hearts Matter has helped me so much throughout Lee's life as well as many other families; I feel it's my turn to give back.

With every glass I sell, I will donate two pounds to Little Hearts Matter. So, as a buyer, you are not only buying a lovely hand engraved glass for someone; you are helping support a great cause."

Order your wine glass gifts and custom wine glasses today by visiting:




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