• Abi Kroupa

Product Review- Summit Joint Performance

Updated: May 11, 2020

I have been actively searching for products that will help support my horse’s joints and keep him feeling his best. Cole is my Dressage competition horse. We have tentative plans to show 3rd level Test 3 this year. He also has moderate arthritis in one of his coffin joints. Though our showing aspirations are on hold due to what’s going on in the world, we are actively training six days a week staying fit for when it’s safe to show again. I can honestly say Summit Joint Performance has been a game changer and the missing link in Cole’s arthritis management. With just two loading doses, he has more freedom and relaxation in his movements. He no longer comes out stiff, and he is more agreeable to schooling movements that are tougher for him. Best of all, it’s a budget-friendly alternative to other IM and feed through joint support supplements on the market.

Summit Joint Performance is the purest form of Chondroitin 4 Sulfate ever developed. It is naturally derived and has a low molecular weight, allowing it to penetrate barriers of the body with ease. Summit was initially developed for use in human corneal transplant surgeries. Doctors and scientists were looking for a product that would reduce inflammation in the eye after surgery. Later, after additional research, it was discovered to have incredible effects on the joints of horses and dogs.

  1. Summit contains only pure Chondroitin 4 Sulfate and sterile water (adjusted for pH)

  2. No contraindications for pregnancy or other conditions

  3. One-year shelf life

  4. Requires no refrigeration – not affected by heat or cold

  5. All shipments include needles and syringes

  6. Safe even for daily administration

  7. Dramatically reduces inflammation due to excessive exercise

  8. Increases comfort and mobility

  9. FEI and USEF compliant

  10. 5% discount on subscription service

For more information on Summit Joint Products – https://summitjp.com/order/All-Products?pg=1&items=24&u=eruditeequestrian

I believe so much in this product I decided to join the Summit team as a Sales Representative. Interested in Summit? You can e-mail with any questions at abigailkroupa@gmail.com

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