• Abi Kroupa

Keep Your Water Troughs Crystal Clean Naturally

Keeping water troughs clean on a farm is a constant maintenance choir. If not regularly scrubbed, waterers can quickly become filled with dirt and algae. Interested in a natural farm hack to extend the time between water trough cleanings? Consider adding fish to your tanks!

By adding hardy, algae-eating fish such as goldfish, koi, and even beta, you can help control the algae growth in your tank. Fish will also eat mosquito larvae minimizing their pesky populations in summer months. Depending on your region, your fish will do best in spring, summer, and fall. Winters may be too chilly, but our Georgia hardy goldfish schools have lasted through two winters in teen temperatures.

Trough Fish Tips

  • Make sure to limit the amount of fish. For goldfish, one fish per 30 gallons is plenty to make sure your fish are reducing algae bloom but not increasing ammonia levels in the water.

  • Make sure you fill your water troughs regularly. Don’t let your horses drink the trough down to the bottom before refilling.

  • DON’T feed your fish. The point is that your fish eat the algae and insect larvae. Our goldfish also love eating dirt and droppings from our horses when they drink.

  • Make sure you live in an area where your water troughs don’t freeze all the way through in the winter. The top of our troughs freezes regularly, but our fish safely hide at the bottom of the tank during frigid weather.

  • Enjoy your new family members. Our girls and friends absolutely love the novelty of fish in the water troughs. They are a delightful addition to the farm and greatly minimize the number of times I have to clean our troughs!

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