• Abi Kroupa

Check Out Our Favorite Equestrian Fine Art Painters

One of the most amazing artistic talents is the ability to capture the beauty and spirit of the horse in a painting. If you want to add a piece to your current art collection, commission a portrait of your horse or pets, or just enjoy looking at beautiful artwork, look no further. Browsing the list below of brilliant equestrian fine art painters will blow you away.

Shawn Faust


Shawn specializes in sport horse and commissioned equine portrait oil paintings.

Robert Clark


Robert specializes in horse racing paintings but also does commissioned works.

Lynn Maderich


Lynn specializes in equine portraits using oil.

Iwona Jankowski


Iwona specializes in abstract/expressionist style of equine art, using acrylic.

Lydia Rose


Lydia paints beautiful equine and pet portraits in acrylic, oil, and watercolor.

Mary-Ellen Janssen


Mary-Ellen specializes in commissioned watercolor portraits of Dressage, sport horses, and dogs.

Joanna Quentin


Joanna does commission work using oil, watercolor, pencil, and mixed media, focusing on English disciplines including hunter/jumper, Dressage, and eventing.

Nancy Pellat


Nancy works with both oil and watercolor specializing in dogs and horses, including racing, steeplechase, fox hunting, cross country, and Dressage.

Andrea Harman


Andrea works with oil specializing in horses, dogs, and cats. She does commission portraits as well as pieces in fox hunting, racing, and sport horses.

Michelle Grant


Michelle works in oils, acrylic, and graphite specializing in commissioned horse and animal portraits, as well as capturing horse-related events.

Joanne Mehl


Joanne works in oil and specializes in portraits, horse racing, and Dressage pieces.

Amy Larson


Amy works in oil, watercolor, and graphite specializing in commissioned horse and dog portraits.

Kelly Adair


Kelly works in pencil and specializes in commissioned equine portraits and sport horses.

Louise Mellon


Louise works in oil and specializes in commissioned horse and dog pieces.

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