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Abi Kroupa is passionate about all things equestrian. She is a United States Dressage Federation Bronze and Silver medalist. She is a well-rounded rider who has 20+ years of equestrian experience in multiple disciplines. She currently sits as the Vice President of Dressage for The Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association.

Abi believes that horses and riders in all disciplines can benefit from a foundation in Dressage. She believes that Dressage is the core and the building blocks of most, if not all, equestrian disciplines. The word Dressage means "Training" in French. Abi understands the importance of not only training and developing horses, but also herself. She works closely with her coach and mentor Karen Lipp. Before spending the last 8 years focusing on Dressage, Abi enjoyed competing her show jumpers in the 1.20-+M classes. 

Abi has vast experience competing in multiple equestrian disciplines throughout her life including Dressage, Show Jumping, Hunters, Equitation, and AQHA all-around (including Western Dressage, Western Riding, Horsemanship, Reining, and Trail). She has qualified for USDF Regional Chamionships in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Most recently she qualified in the FEI Open Prix St. Georges with her own Holsteiner Gelding, Clarity. In her 20s, she has multiple Grand and Reserve Champion wins at the Winter Equestrian Festival in show jumping classes. As a youth, she was ranked 8th in the world in AQHA on her quarter horse mare, Mocha in show jumping and all-around. During college, she groomed and worked as a working student for multiple Grand Prix trainers in both Dressage and Show Jumping included Kath Von Ertfelda, Charlie Porter, and Eduardo Salas. 

After starting a family, Abi took a short break from training clients, but now that her children are older, and with the full support of her husband, she has decided to start up her training program again. She is passionate and excited to share her knowledge and help you create a successful partnership with your horse!

Her diverse experience makes her an excellent choice for helping EVERY horse and rider to achieve their goals. Whether you are looking to improve your Dressage basics, reach for FEI dreams, or are looking to improve your riding in another discipline, Abi puts an individualized plan together. She simplifies the Dressage training scale, and breaks it down into easy to understand steps that sets each horse and rider up for success.

Abi offers private lessons, travel lessons (Cherokee, Forysth, and Fulton County), clinics, full and partial training, and consignment/sales training. For the rider, she focuses on correct biomechanics, and understanding the basis of the Classical Dressage Training Scale. She works with her students to further develop their horse’s responsiveness, balance, symmetry, and connection which ultimately leads to self-carriage.

Abi has a systematic “building blocks” approach that brings out the best in each horse. She teaches the cornerstones of Dressage to every horse and focuses on correct basics, symmetry, balance, responsiveness, elasticity, and communication between horse and rider. She trains in a logical way the is clear for the horse to understand, and which ultimately leads to a happy and well-balanced partner.

Most importantly, Abi feels so blessed that she gets to share her passion for horses with her family!

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Behind The Blog

Abi also loves writing about horse-related topics such as the life at the barn, equestrian products, horse health & wellness, rider health, and training tips. Anytime a new issue in training or health popped up with her equine partners, she would spend weeks or months researching the best solutions. In 2020 she finally decided to share her findings in one place - Erudite Equestrian Blog - for other equestrians to also enjoy. 


Erudite Equestrian is an educational, lifestyle horse blog for the everyday equestrian. The goal is to inspire you with words, ideas, and knowledge. This blog is dedicated to horse people and their beloved equines. My mission is to help horse owners and enthusiasts learn and get connected with information regarding everything horses, horse care, horse & rider health, training, DIY tips, product reviews, trainer spotlights, events & news in the horse world, and much more. I love featuring like-minded professionals and equestrian companies on my blog and connecting them with equestrian enthusiasts.


If you have any questions or comments or are interested in a partnership or featured blog post for your business or product. Please email me at Abi@eruditeequestrian.com.


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