Abi Kroupa is passionate about all things equestrian. She is a USDF Bronze medalist currently working toward her Silver Medal. She is a lifelong, well-rounded rider and instructor who has 20+ years of equestrian experience in multiple disciplines including Dressage, Hunter/Jumpers, and Natural Horsemanship. Believing that the art of riding is a continual learning process, she is currently training with USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist, Karen Lipp.

More than anything, Abi is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with other riders. She offers lessons and training at her Canton, GA farm, and also travels locally to Canton, Ball Ground, Alpharetta, Milton, and Woodstock. Abi loves teaching and is driven to help clients develop a solid foundation based on classical Dressage principles. Helping riders build confidence and correct riding biomechanics and skills will ultimately create better communication and connection between horse and rider.


Abi takes a limited number of sales and training horses (and clients) at her farm in Canton, GA, and currently has two ponies available for lessons – (children age 3-12).

Other Passions: Abi loves and enjoys her marriage of ten years and her two beautiful, amazing daughters. On days off, she enjoys visiting the lake with her family.


Abi has her degree in Marketing from Florida Atlanta University. She has 11 years of experience in administrative management, real estate marketing, and creating start-up marketing plans for new businesses. 

Abi also loves writing about horse-related topics such as product effectiveness, horse health & wellness, and training tips. Anytime a new issue in training or health popped up with her equine partners, she would spend weeks or months researching the best solutions. In 2020 she finally decided to share her findings in one place - Erudite Equestrian Blog - for other equestrians to also enjoy. 


Abi believes in developing horses into happy athletes through the harmonious education of the horse and their rider, ultimately resulting in a horse that is calm obedient, supple, and balanced. She does this by following the Dressage Training Scale and classical dressage principles while also integrating a Natural Horsemanship approach. By incorporating her knowledge in Natural Horsemanship, she is training and communicating in a way that puts the horse’s mental and emotional well-being at the forefront.


Dressage is the art of riding and training a horse that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance; and Natural Horsemanship is a philosophy of working with horses based on their own natural instincts and communication.

Because, Abi’s approach is based on classical training methods, they can be easily applied to almost all equestrian disciplines. Her goal is to help other riders improve their biomechanical skills and communication with their horses.


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